What to Expect

Before your surgery, we coordinate with you and your doctor regarding your procedure(s), length of stay with us, and pick-up times. Immediately upon being discharged from your surgery, we will pick you up in a luxury vehicle and transport you to Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare and your private entrance. Upon arrival, Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare nurses will meet you with a wheelchair and bring you to your specially prepared room.

We also coordinate closely with you and your doctor to meet any food restrictions/preferences that you may have and prepare a customized menu for you to choose your meals from. This menu has been carefully crafted to meet the soft food diet that many patients need after surgery as well as to offer healing properties for recovering bodies. Organic soups, smoothies and a stellar selection of teas are available at all hours of the day. We strive to meet all special requests so that your stay is the most comfortable for you.

We provide 24 hour nursing care with complete confidentiality, comfort, and post-surgical nursing expertise. We have all necessary medical supplies on site (bandages, over the counter medications and creams, custom eye masks, compresses, etc) and are able to provide supplemental oxygen, sequential compression devices and IV fluids should the need arise.

Our nurses are caring, knowledgeable, and dedicated to assuring optimal results and a full peace of mind. They regularly check in with clients, monitor progress, and administer medications. We are in close contact with your surgeon in case any questions or complications arise during your stay.

Upon discharge from Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare , our nurses will thoroughly review a care plan with you and ensure that you have everything that you need for a smooth and effortless transition home.