The Surgical Recovery Experts

Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare offers a private and peaceful place to recover with a caring and knowledgeable medical staff. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal physical healing and peace of mind. We take great pride in our patient’s safety, comfort and privacy.

At our recovery center in the heart of Beverly Hills we specialize in the care of post-operative clients. Our surgical aftercare specialists eliminate the obstacles to a healthy recovery and provide each client a relaxed, caring environment that reduces recovery time. Our fully licensed nurses are experienced in all aspects of surgical aftercare including pain management, monitoring for post-operative complications, dietary restrictions and medications. We also educate our clients on infection and injury prevention. We are with you every step of the way offering guidance and promoting a healthy post-operative experience. All services are coordinated with your Doctor’s Plan of Care ensuring a complete continuum of care. This means you are not alone.

Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare provides beautifully designed rooms with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable recovery. Every room contains a tempur-pedic adjustable bed, soothing music, and an intercom system that connects directly to your nurse, who will be by your side within moments of being called. Our nursing station is doors away from patients’ room and is equipped with all necessary medical supplies such as O2, IV fluids, SCDs and emergency equipment. Additionally, organic soups, smoothies, and snacks are available any time of the day.

Transportation by luxury car with tinted windows and a private entrance to our center ensures our clients’ privacy.

At Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare, we customize your recovery to your particular needs based on the type of surgery you’ve just had – and – because we have served over 6,000 patients, you can rest assured that we know exactly what you need. Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare will pamper, support, and guide you through your recuperation so that you can rest, relax, and recover.

Check with your surgeon today to see if outpatient aftercare is right for you. Scheduling your recovery retreat is easy. Contact our office at 310-557-0500 today and we will customize a plan of care that’s right for you.

About the Staff

All of our staff members are compassionate, caring, and highly skilled. We are here to provide you the care you need to fully relax and recover during your stay with us. Every nurse is fully trained, OSHA certified, and licensed. Beverly Hills Surgical Aftercare takes pride in our ability to offer personal and individualized care.